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Do monsters really exist?

We’ve all heard stories...  What truth is there behind the tales?

What is living under the bed?  Who is hiding in the shadows? And where is that awful smell coming from?

Time for an investigation!

(from “The Monster Project: Case Study 1 – Living with Monsters”)


For NZ Bookshop Day this year we featured the “Monster Project” books by local children’s author, Susan Wildblood.  These fun, brightly illustrated books are aimed at 7 to 14 year olds.

As the expert (you have to be to write books about it right!?), Susan judged the "Create Your Own Monster" competition and also ran an awesome Monster Project workshop in store on the day (Saturday 27 October 2018).   The kids were so engaged that they weren't ready to leave when their parents came to collect them!

Below are photos of the monsters created as part of this project.  Enjoy!